French Immersion Families

(Late Entry)

Welcome French Immersion (Late Entry) families!

 The resources found below are to assist

your child with French language learning.



French at Home

Various links have been gathered to help your language learner explore French games, apps, music, television episodes and so much more.


High Frequency Words for Families

This resource has been created to assist families to better understand High Frequency Words and to support the exploration of these word lists at home.

High Frequency Words - audio files

 This is the SD23 French High Frequency Word List auditory support that will assist your language learner with pronunciation.


Audio Stories/J’écoute la lecture

This folder contains audio recordings of various levelled readers. Language learners are invited to listen, listen and draw, or practice retelling the stories.

Audio - Basic Vocabulary

This folder contains auditory recordings of basic vocabulary.


Reference Tools


This reference tool is useful to explore verb conjugation as well as any various other activities.


Word Reference

This online multilingual dictionary provides auditory support, translations as well as definitions for thousands of words.


Le Bon Patron

This reference tool is great to use as a French spelling and grammar checker!


Cultural Groups and Associations

Canadian Parents for French

This link will take you to a site containing valuable information and support documents for French language learners and their families.


Centre culturel francophone de l’Okanagan

This link will take you to the Okanagan French Cultural Center web page. Here you will find resources, local cultural events and more. 


Language Opportunities


Click here to learn more about the DELF and DALF which are diplomas awarded by the French Ministry of Education to prove the French-language skills of non-French candidates.



Click here to learn more about Explore which is an intensive French Immersion program that is offered during the spring or summer for people with any skill level in French.


Expériences Canada

Click here to learn more about Experiences Canada. A program that provides student exchanges and forums to develop community leaders and informed citizens of tomorrow


French Language Learning - Central Okanagan Public Schools